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Thank you. We had a wonderful day <3 

Thanks for a great day... u haven't seen the last of me!


I love what you do and the opportunity you give us all to not only promote our businesses but to make money ;) which is how the work can continue.


Blessing to you dear Susan and keep up the great work assigned to you by Spirit.


Love and Blessings

Dr. Elizabeth Conway, Msc.D


A big thanks to Healthy Body and Soul Festival, Sunday 25th March Brunswick for having us front and centre at their event yesterday! And thanks to our regular customers who made it down to say hi and who found themselves some new treasures.. we always appreciate your support :) 
The day was a huge success, and we had so much fun meeting new customers and sharing our beautiful range of crystals and jewellery with a new display! We got lots of compliments on the quality of our stock, and we were happy that many pieces found new homes!!! 

Nature's Magick 

Liz Davies 

I loved being at the event last Sunday.  I felt it was very organized and the atmosphere was positive and uplifting.  I did Tarot readings and was very glad that you provided me with 3 chairs, as I had a couple who came and requested a "relationship" reading - and also a woman who wanted her friend to sit with us during her reading.  I appreciated how you came around and chatted to me and other exhibitors during the day - you made me feel very well supported.  I was very pleased with the distance between the exhibitor tables - as it allowed a certain amount of privacy and intimacy during my readings, but I was still close enough to other exhibitors to chat with them during the slower periods (and everyone I talked to was so friendly and welcoming - really nice people).


All in all, the event was a very positive experience for me.

Psychic Michelle Conway

Had a lovely day yesterday at this expo. My demo had all the chairs full and visitors standing.

Thank you for organising a beautiful festival!

Great vibes there!

Beautiful products and great souls!

Rodrigo P

Congratulations another wonderful Event, 

Cheryl O 

 It was a great day, only wish I had been able to stay longer to hear the speakers,

 Bronwyn H

It was a wonderful event! ❤❤ Gina Q

I`m still buzzing from yesterday`s Healthy Body and Soul Festival.

I visited many interesting stoles offering products and services to nourish your body and soul. Well done Wishful Events! I`m looking forward to your next event in September in Malvern. The best part was to meet and chat to so many likeminded people.

The energy there was incredible!


 The Gingerbread Girl Invoke Essence. I loved LMW Candles and Sniffy Scents products for their unusual and beautiful fragrances. Also bought some home. Essential oils from Reconnect with Wisdom and doTERRA Australia makes you feel the connection to your emotions. Chef Na's Plant-Based Kitchen organic Thai sauces looked great, however I could only taste the sweet chilly as I`m not a big fan of spicy foods. And when I thought the day is over I spotted Pachamama Wholefoods healthy goodies, so yummy that I had to go and had lunch there. Their veggie patch wrap was to die for!

You all truly made my day

Thank you🙏 

The Healthy Body & Soul Festival is run twice a year to offer both Men & Women a beautiful day out for themselves!
Life is busy and its important to take time out for yourself.
Self care and Self love will enable you to live a better life.
Looking after your Mind, Body and Soul.
Here is some feedback we have received from visitors and past exhibitors.


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