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Treats for your body and soul by Artisan Empress

Candles, Melts, Diffusers, Essential oils
Artisan Empress handmade candles and treats

A little bit about Artisan Empress.....

The Name "Artisan" being handmade and "Empress" meaning a woman with power, who rules an empire. 

I started my business 3 months ago, as a full-time carer for my 5yo son I needed something to do that I loved doing!

My candles are hand poured soy wax, with only a few scents as sometimes I think too many aromas can get to hard to choose.

Shower steamers are absolutely beautiful, also handmade with gorgeous aromatherapy oils.

Each one with their benefits for your well being.

Baby Belly oil is my newest obsession with so many oils that help with stretch marks and are so good for your skin as your bub starts to grow!

Formulated to restore elasticity, this product deeply nourishes stressed skin before, during and after pregnancy. Australian Jojoba Oil sinks into the skin to restore moisture, while bisabolol and vitamin E protect and soothe irritation which may help minimise the appearance of stretch marks. Fragrance free, this oil is safe to use from head to toe during pregnancy and is perfect for pregnant bellies.

Key Ingredients: Australian jojoba oil to nourish, bisabolol to soothe irritation, vitamin C to brighten, cocoa butter to moisturise


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