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Moonrise Astrology

Updated: Jun 2

Kerrin is certified in Astrology and Cosmobiology.

Guidance and coaching to assist you with life's questions
Certified Astrology & Cosmobiology specialist

Kerrin is certified in Astrology and Cosmobiology and has dedicated her life to studying the stars. She applies astrological principles to offer insights into personality, life transitions, and personal growth.

With qualifications in psychology, adult education, and counselling, she provides life coaching and services including astrology readings, workshops, career guidance, baby born packages, relationship compatibility.

Fun gatherings include star-struck parties, mothers-to-be blessings, hens' parties and wicca and moon-focused spiritual gatherings.

Let her explain to you what makes you unique so you can live your life with purpose, aligned with your true nature and soul path as well as any astrological energies that may be affecting you currently.



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