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Consciously Graceful: Empowering Inner Transformation

Updated: Jun 8

At Consciously Graceful, facilitators Christina Sloane and Samantha-Jayne Love are dedicated to guiding individuals on profound journeys of self-discovery and healing. Through their transformative programs and sessions, they create a nurturing space where participants can explore the depths of their being and unlock their fullest potential.

Available in the Soul Space; Ignite Your Inner Flame Session

Central to their approach is the Ignite Your Inner Flame session, which introduces the powerful Rainbow Flame Process. This session is designed to help individuals connect with their inner light, rekindle their passion, and ignite a sense of purpose. The Rainbow Flame Process, a unique method developed by Christina and Samantha-Jayne, utilizes the vibrant energies of the rainbow to cleanse, heal, and empower the soul, bringing clarity and alignment to one's life journey.

Christina and Samantha-Jayne are passionate healers and experienced facilitators dedicated to helping others achieve profound transformation. With their combined expertise in energy work, spiritual guidance, and holistic healing, they bring a wealth of knowledge and compassion to their practice. Their synergistic approach fosters a deep connection with participants, empowering them to embrace their true selves and lead lives filled with grace and purpose.


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